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My Favorite Websites (no DHTML)
Just a personal collection of links

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  Interesting Sites
 Amazon Prime Video
 Comedy Central
 Google Video
 National Geographic Channel
 PBS Nova
 PBS ThinkTV
 PBS Video
 Smithsonian All
 Smithsonian Full
 South Park
 TED Talks
 The Simpsons
 News & Information
 ABC News
 AP News
 American Scientist
 Ars Technica
 Atlantic Monthly, The
 BBC News
 CBS News
 CNN News
 Fox News
 Google News
 Houston Chronicle Interactive
 Live Science
 NBC News
 New Scientist
 New York Times
 New Yorker Magazine
 Peninsula Daily News
 Port Townsend Leader Online
 Register, The
 Rolling Stone
 S.F. Chronicle & Examiner
 San Jose Mercury-News
 Science News
 Scientific American
 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
 Seattle Times
 Skeptical Inquirer
 Sky & Telescope
 The Week
 USA Today
 Verge, The
 Wall Street Journal
 Washington Post
 Yahoo News
 ZDNet News
 Online Applications
 3D Photosphere Viewer
 A. T. & T. Prepaid
 DJI Restricted Flying Zone Map
 Marine Traffic AIS Map
 Traffic Cams : California
 Traffic Cams : Idaho
 Traffic Cams : Nevada
 Traffic Cams : Oregon
 Traffic Cams : Washington State
 Unicode Emoji List
 Vessel Finder
 Search Engines and Services
 Google Calendar
 Google Contacts
 Google Drive
 Google Earth
 Google Find My Device
 Google Mail
 Google Maps
 Google Maps Engine
 Google Newsgroups
 Google Play
 Google Play Developer
 Google Scholar
 Google Sky
 Google Translate
 Google Voice
 USGS Map Download
 Shipping Links
 Alaska Coastal Weather (NOAA)
 Alaska Graphic Wind & Wave Forecast
 Astronomy: Visibility Forecast: Hurricane Ridge
 Astronomy: Visibility Forecast: Port Townsend
 Local Weather
 NOAA Weather

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