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 Perl / CGI scripts, C++ Programs

Here are some useful programs — Perl, CGI , C++ applications and utilities.
Important note: I cannot take the time to instruct people individually in the installation and use of these free programs and scripts. Do not write asking for this kind of assistance. Most of the programs and scripts contain internal documentation, and all are reasonably obvious to the computer-skilled.

CGI Scripts


These scripts are written in the Perl language. They have some things in common:
  1. Perl is an interpreted language for which there is an interpreter on most Internet server systems.
  2. Each of the scripts is named "filename.txt". This is to prevent the system from executing them as CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts. You need to rename them "filename.cgi" to use them as intended.
  3. To use them successfully, they must be in a directory on your Internet server system that has world read and write permission, and each of the scripts must have world execute permission. If this is incomprehensible to you, see your Internet Service Provider for more information.
  4. The counter and guest book scripts must be part of an overall design which links them into Web pages. This is a complex subject, for which explanation is vast if you are not familiar with Web page design, and unnecessary if you are.
  5. The first line of each script contains a path to the location of the Perl interpreter in your system. You may have to change this path for successful operation.
  6. These scripts are © Copyright 1996-1998, P. Lutus. They are in the CareWare  System so no money is required -- you have to "pay" me another way.

To download these scripts, simply point to the link at the left and right-click your mouse. Then select "Open This" (Netscape) or "Save Target as ..." (Microsoft Internet Explorer).

JavaCounter 1.5 This is a link to my new Java counter — it is much better than those below, which I am keeping here mostly because they are Perl source files, good for browsing.
Page Hits Counter — xbitmap A simple counter (I don't use it any more). Monochrome output, not terribly fancy, but easy to set up. Counts any number of pages for any number of owners. Sometimes doesn't look very good on some Netscape browsers, depending on choice of text and background color.

 This script now logs each contact by date, time, IP address, originating server and browser type! Keep track of your contacts! Find out whether more people log on at noon than at midnight! Things like that.
Page Hits Counter — GIF  This script works like the one above, but after logging user data it passes control to a GIF counter program written by others (I am using Count 2.3 , but the script will likely work with any counter program). This counter looks better than the one above but it is very hard to set up. You have to compile and install the GIF counter program and then link this script to it. This task is not for the faint of heart.
Page Hits Log Analyzer (version 3/18/96 bug fix) Use this script in conjunction with the counters listed above to analyze your page hits by browser type, platform type, and time of day! Press here for a Sample Output
Guest Book Script This script accepts a new entry to a guestbook database and generates an HTML page showing past entries.

   8/20/96 revision. This script now optionally sends e-mail to a specified address for each guest book entry.
8/25/96 revision. Fixed bug that prevented correct operation with Lynx text-only browser.
7/30/97 revision. Combined two CGI scripts into one, combined display and entry HTML pages into one.
Environment Reader This simple script prints out everything that the system sees when you activate a CGI script. Use it to see what information your forms are providing, and what the Net knows about you all the time!

Utility Programs

PB — Perl/JavaScript Beautifier This script cleans up and indents your Perl scripts, and beautifies the JavaScript parts of your HTML pages. Sort of like cb does for C code. Also see below for a newer, more powerful embodiment of this program.
SR — Search & Replace This script searches for and replaces strings in an entire directory of text files. This is very useful, but if you type in the wrong thing, it can wreak havoc — always make backup copies if you are unsure of what you are typing.
SYN — Check HTML syntax This script checks your HTML pages for trivial syntax errors, such as unpaired tags. It can check an entire directory at once. It lists any unpaired tags (those that must be in pairs) or makes an indented list of a particular tag's usage so you can locate the error.
GIFSIZE — List GIF sizes For the current directory, this script lists the name of each GIF file and its image width and height. This allows you to write your HTML pages with defined width and height values — such a page loads more smoothly than one without these values.
cb.exe — Beautify  This 32-bit C++ application provides indentation for program source files. For the current directory, this program finds and "beautifies" various program file types. If given an unconditional wildcard (i.e. *.*), it detects, loads, beautifies, and saves in place files with the suffixes .C, .CPP, .JAVA, .H, .PL, .CGI, .HTM, .HTML and .SHTML. It acts differently depending on the file. Fo the HTML file type it finds and beautifies any JavaScript segments it finds. It also finds unmatched braces "{}" and parentheses "()" and alerts you to any discrepancy between them, thus performing a simple kind of pre-compilation syntax check. This application requires mfc42.dll, normally present on Windows 95 / NT machines.

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