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Spell Checker
Arachnophilia is © Copyright 2015, P. Lutus.

Arachnophilia is CareWare

Arachnophilia's spell checker cannot compare with some of the many sophisticated spell checkers that come with mainstream (read: expensive) programs. But it has one advantage — it can easily be made to accommodate other dictionaries and languages.

The location of the dictionaries is (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia/SpellCheckData. By default, a ZIPped dictionary is provided that covers American English. But any file ending in ".txt" (plain-text, one word per line) that is placed in this directory will be read at runtime and incorporated into the dictionary. Any file ending in ".txt" and beginning with "custom" will be included in the user's custom dictionary at runtime.

Any ZIP file ending in ".zip" will be read and the above rules will be applied to it as well.

Finally, to make the spell checker ignore the content of HTML tags, just click "Is HTML" on the spell-check dialog.


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